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Jahara® is an unique aquatic therapy method founded in body awareness and healthy body mechanics. It consists of micro-adjustments

of the structural alignment of the body.


These adjustments are done through the ActivExercises™ and Aligned Floating™ when the Jahara® Specialist floats the client utilizing

a number of slow, continuous circular movements.


Jahara's® gradual, purposeful movements, together with the warm water, brings relaxation and a feeling of well-being.


Mario Jahara originated the Jahara®. A structural bodywork teacher and author with a 20-year international career, Mario has extensive training in a number of different body-awareness and bodywork modalities.

He bases his approach to teaching and working with the body on one of the key concepts of Jahara®, which he defines as

"The Power of Gentleness".


Jahara® is rooted on the understanding of two fundamental elements: the body structure and the unique physical properties of water.


This understanding is basic to healthier body mechanics. It means sound, safe treatments for clients, and is the key that enables the

aquatic specialist to work continuously for many years and to feel better and better in his own body.


Jahara® - to be like water.

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