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"A man should control his anger,

balance his food and

increase his body movement"

Moses Maimonides (1135 - 1204)



Clean nutrition is a powerful element for body and soul. It adds value to everybody's life.


The following fruits, vegetables and berries are just one example of how mother nature can give us a powerful effect...


Acerola Cherries - vitamin C, magnesium, strengthen immune system

Apples - vitamin C, pectin, regulate constipation

Bilberries - relieve stomach discomfort and bladder weakness

Blackberries - strengthens connective tissue and body's defense

Blackcurrants - strengthen immune system stimulates the appetite

Blueberries - Cholesterol-lowering, protects blood vessels

Broccoli - vitamin C, magnesium, prevents infections

Cabbage - vitamin E, Beta-carotene, affects blood-cleansing

Carrots - Beta-carotene, selenium, clean the cell walls

Concord grapes - anti-inflammatory, supports blood circulation

Cranberries - anti-inflammatory, reduced plaque, flavonoids, phytochemicals, detoxify, cleanse liver

Elderberries - supports the immune system and the growth

Kale - B vitamins, vitamin E, lowers cholesterol and fat

Oranges - vitamin C, vitamins B, strengthen immune system

Papayas - Papain, provitamin A, innervate cardiovascular

Parsley - vitamin C, iron, diuretic effect

Peaches - carotene, niacin, potassium, detoxifying

Pineapple - bromelain, vitamin C, promote digestion

Raspberries - anti aging

Redcurrants - strengthen immune system, reduces fever

Root Beet - Folic acid, magnesium, breaks down fat, deacidifies

Spinach - B vitamins, provitamin A, builds up the blood

Tomatoes - Lycopene, potassium, folic acid, strengthen cell structure


And how do I manage it on a daily base to eat the sufficient amount of fruits, vegetables and berries?

By going every day to the market, shopping and preparing it on time would certainly be the ideal.

Am I doing this?

Am I really eating the daily amount my body needs and is everything my body needs in my nutrition?

If so, do I succeed to eat the correct amount?

Do I take the time to prepare and enjoy eating vegetables, fruits and berries?


Yes, I do it and practice it every day, wow, congratulations!


No, I don't manage it to take the time, my life is too hectic, my diet has gaps: then you should definitely visit and take the time to study it.

Any questions, please contact us and we wilI be happy to advise you.



Next to a balanced nutrition, also the drinking habits are very important for our body.


Our body is made up of almost 70% water.

Our earth's surface is covered by 72% water!


Now - where is the connection taking place?

Quite simple... next to oxygen, water is the second most important substance we need for life and the most controversial issue in our society.


So drinking the right amounts is as well very important. And it is not about drinking enough coffee, cola, soft drinks or beer or even milk.

Water is and remains the only true liquid.


There are many ways to make water tasty. #yummi

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